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Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language.

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VJIC publishes  thematic threads and visual discourses by invited authors.  Each author is provided a platform to express their ideas and knowledge on specific topics.

Theme issues provide the space for a curator/author to build through image and text an inquiry into a specific topic or area.

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(Editor’s note: Dialogs may appear in various forms and formats. Key to understanding the journal’s use of the term “dialog” is to understand it as a conversation, an exchange of sorts between the the author and the reader/viewer. A conversation between “you” and your experience. Meaning is not always clear and obvious, that is the point. Conversations between “you’ and “you” are complex, if you listen.)

Thematic Thread:
Colonial to Contemporary Photography in Australia

Alexandra Guerman

Essays on the voice of First Nations artists and their unique perspectives as rightful owners of this land.

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Thematic Thread:
Thoughts on Photography

Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson is SUNY Distinguished Professor and James Agee Professor of American Culture at University at Buffalo. He is a photographer and filmmaker.

Essays on Susan Sontag, Walker Evans and Roland Barthes.

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Thoughts on Photography

Thematic Thread:
Photography and the Holocaust: Then and Now

Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch is a photo-base artist, curator, educator, historian. Hirsch’s work has been exhibited in over 200 international solo and group shows.

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Photography and the Holocaust:
Then and Now

Thematic Thread:
Only women can do that.

Sabine Kutt

Sabine is a ballet master, choreographer, art curator and photographer. She received her art education at the renowned Palucca School for Modern Dance and Classical Ballet in Dresden and at the University of Leipzig.


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Only a woman can do that

Thematic Thread:
The Idea of a Wall

Stefano Ruffa

Stefano Ruffa is a photographer, curator, gallery owner, bookseller. His  life is spent  working between media & cultural studies and photography.  Stefano Ruffa is the founder, curator and director for the ONEROOM Lab and Bookstore located in Rome, Italy.

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The Idea of a Wall

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Thematic Thread:
Quantum and the Visual Arts

Dan Duda

Dan Duda is a scientific writer and contributor to VJIC. He is living in Lititz, Pennsylvania (USA).

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 Thematic Thread:
Can An Artist Create Their Own Unique Language?

Nkosinathi Dlamini, Austria
Mike Amrose, USA
Judith Rodriguez,Argentina
Paula Scamparini, Brazil
Sandeep Biswas, India
Andreas Muller, Austria
Lesia Maruschak, Canada
Lawrence Brose, USA

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Their Own Unique Language?

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Thematic Thread:
On Photography

Sándor Szilágyi

Sándor Szilágyi is a Hungarian media theorist, writer on photography, living in Budapest, Hungary. His interest range from Hungarian art photography, documentarist photography, and the theoretical questions of photography.

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Thematic Thread:
Phenomenology of Photography

Ione Manzali

Iona Manzali is a Brazilian philosopher and contributor to VJIC.  She is living in Europe. 

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Thematic Thread:
The Image, The Text and the Author

Daniela Noitz

Daniela Noitz is an Austrian writer and author.


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the Author

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Theme Issue: Identity Politics

Editor: Rachel Zimmermann

Throughout history artists and academics alike have been significantly concerned with the relationship between art and issues of identity…

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Theme Issue:
The Photobook in Digital Times

Editor: Mary Gold

Invited essays, videos and e-publications that inquired into the photographic e-book addressing issues related to the disappearance of the object – the dematerialization of the book.



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in Digital Times

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Past Essays, Book Discussions, Visual Dialogs
Note: Past Issues for more essays and reviews.

© Dana Sochorová

© Dana Sochorová

September 2016

Dana Sochorová

Impractical Woman

The long term time-lapse project, part of which I present here, consists of recording everyday events and situations documented in the passage of time with the intention to show life in its unstoppable flow. Although the narrative in the background is personal, it also has a universal validity.

© Brady

© Brady

 February  2016

Mark Brady
Book Discussion:
The Paisley Tunnel

Easy Rider, Robert Frank’s The Americans.  Woodstock, California Dreaming, Vietnam, Civil rights and the Women’s Rights Movement are the unspoken context of this book….

© Reznik

© Reznik

August 2015

Ksenia Belash
Book discussion:
Natalya Reznik: Secrets

When I was initially considering how to approach writing about “Secrets”, I thought of a number of possible readings which could result from this exquisitely designed edition …

© Dennis Church

© Dennis Church

July 2015

Dennis Church
Visual Dialog: Other Americans

inspired to photograph people on the street, with an intent of just looking very closely at what is, what do people look like on this street corner, on this day in time. I worked …

© Nikola Mihov June 2015

Nikola Mihov
Visual Dialog: The Sea Inside

On June 2014, the Black Sea town of Varna, Bulgaria, was hit by heavy rains. Тhe suburb of Asparuhovo was swamped by a three-metre high wave destroying…

klaus-fp-600 April 2015

Klaus Pamminger
Visual Dialogs:
Four Films

One key theme of the artist is the exploration of space as both architectural and social or virtual dimension. Spatial and temporal  …. more

 Paula Scamparini April 2015

Paula Scamparini
Visual Dialogs:
Serie Palavras and Muchen Series

As the contemporary times indicate the rebuilding of our relations with nature and the world itself, I believe it is of great importance to work within culture from the perspective that any reconstruction requests before some obliteration.

Leah Oates February 2015

Leah Oats
Visual Dialog: Transitory Space

Transitory spaces have a messy human energy that is perpetually in the present yet continually altering. They are endlessly interesting, alive places where there is a great deal of beauty and