Stefano Ruffa: The Idea of a Wall

Stefano Ruffa: The Idea of a Wall

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Thematic Thread:
The Idea of a Wall
Stefano Ruffa is a photographer, curator, gallery owner, bookseller.
His  life is spent  working between media & cultural studies and photography.  Stefano Ruffa is the founder, curator and director for the ONEROOM Lab and Bookstore located in Rome, Italy.

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A short visual bibliography
around the idea of a Wall

Thirty years ago or a little more, a Wall fell. An important one, a watershed in history. It was a 156 km line of concrete in the heart of a city, in the heart of Europe,  dividing the World in two.

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No man is an island

“No man is an island” – or maybe we all are, and our communities are nothing else that more or less extensive archipelagos, drifting micro-continents. But however conservative