Issue #7 2014

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Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language. Join the discussion by commenting on each manuscript, review, and portfolio.

The VASA VJIC staff welcomes you to our open, online, and free VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC).

Issue #7 marks a change in our publication design.  VJIC will publish one issue per year with continuous publication of editorially approved manuscripts, portfolios, and book reviews.  VJIC will publish thematic issues and invited papers.


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Content is organized by most recent manuscript and portfolio.


Manuscript September 2014

Eleonore Chowdhury
Indian Art – The Moderns

In 1947, the year India achieved independence from British rule, some artists from the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai formed the so-called PROGRESSIVE ARTISTS GROUP, now known as the MODERNS. …

Manuscript  July 2014

Igor Manko
The Kharkiv School of Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography of the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine) since early 1970′s is a story of how a collaborative effort of eight rebellious artists has, over the years, led to the emergence of an art school with a diverse, but distinctive and recognizable visual …

Manuscript  June 2014

Dan Duda
Michael Michlmayr Meet Albert Einstein

What does photographer Michael Michlmayr have in common with physicist Albert Einstein?  More than you may think.  In fact, there’s a surprising range of congruence between science and art  …


© Iris Cara

September 2014
Portfolio: Iris Anam Cara
Love Letters

I have always felt the deep connection with the sky and the stars. And I believe, that love stays longer and touches us after we believe it ended. This series

Mike amrose

July 2014
Portfolio: Michael Amrose
Quodtidian and Street Art

Using unusual subjects and unorthodox photographic techniques, Michael Amrose explores the use of color, shapes and textures, and their interaction to create abstract images. The images that result express energy, rhythm and …

June 2014
Portfolio: Michael Michlmayr
Time Spaces

In “Time Spaces” space and time is transformed. Sequences of events merging into an entire units. In this way I create a kind of stage or an illusion of time and space.

June 2014
Portfolio: Anton Ivanov

These portraits are made during one day at February 28, after Victor Yanukovich escaped and nearly hundred people were killed. This is the time of change, new possibilities and fear for unpredictable future…

June 2014
Portfolio: Vlad Krasnoschok

On the 19th of January, 2014, a peaceful protest of Ukrainian Euromaidans on the Hrushevskyi Street in Kiev turned into the possible beginning of a civil war. It went too far, with explosions of gas grenades …