Visual Dialog: Klaus Pamminger

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(Editor’s note: Visual dialogs may appear in various forms and formats.  Key to understanding the journal’s use of the term “dialog” is to understand it as a conversation, an exchange of sorts between the the author and the reader/viewer.  A conversation between “you” and your experience.  Meaning is not always clear and obvious, that is the point.  Conversations between “you’ and “you” are complex, if you listen.)

"MACKEY ARRANGEMENT", Paradigma - Art Association, Linz 2015Klaus Pamminger is an Austrian artist living in Vienna. His artistic practice comprises photographic, filmic and sculptural works across different media which often converge in the form of sculptural installations. One key theme of the artist is the exploration of space as both architectural and social or virtual dimension. Spatial and temporal reference levels merge into each other. Pamminger deconstructs and reconstructs. His “Room Invasions” are accessible, stage-like images he uses to review traditional patterns of perception as well as our relation to set pieces of everyday life.

Past Projects Booklet (downloadable pdf)

From Room Invasions, Series 1

© Klaus Pamminger

AT 2008
3 minutes 16 seconds, color, HD, 5.1 SR

“Picture details from Luis Buñuel’s ‘Belle de Jour’ alter an apartment’s interior design. By putting together the puzzle pieces the rigid shot seemingly comes to life. The result of Klaus Pamminger’s unconventional episode is an indiscernible, but all the more impressive metamorphosis of filmic space.”
(VIS 2010)

Shine Off Me

© Klaus Pamminger

AT 2010
minutes 46 seconds, color & b/w, HD, 5.1 SR

Based upon Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ and in formal analogies to it, SHINE OFF ME tells in three chapters the story of a failed relationship.

“The shift in the legibility of the real space of the individual towards the orchestrated image poses questions about the diegetic relationship of tension.” (Andreas Mueller, 2011)

Mackey vs Film 

© Klaus Pamminger

AT/USA 2013
13 minutes and  03 seconds, color & b/w, HD, 5.1 SR

Two days and nights in the “Mackey Penthouse”, constructed by the Austrian-American architect Rudolph Michael Schindler. – When the architectural masterpiece in Los Angeles was completed, ‘Gone with the Wind’ stirred the crowd. In the architect’s home country, where at the same time the crowd was stirred by Nazi propaganda, the movie theaters showed ‘Mutterliebe’ (Mother Love) by Gustav Ucicky. – A film which couldn’t be more different from the Selznick production. With the help of poetic means, this experimental short alludes to the structural break which emerges when concomitance goes beyond the homogeneous perception of history.

Mackey vs Film Booklet (download pdf) 

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