Daniela Noitz: The image, the text and the author

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Daniela Noitz, born in 1972 in Austria, studied German, Theology and Economics in Vienna. After a long run with many detours, she works as a ghostwriter, texter and writer.

Editor note: Daniela was invited to contribute a number of essays and stories that emerge out of her interaction and exchanges with images.  Text and image on the surface speak different languages and syntax, at deeper levels they join with acts of seeing and intuition. sensation and knowing.

Thematic Thread:
The image, the text and the author

Daniela Noitz

Daniela Noitz is an author living in Vienna, Austria.



Essay #1 Seeing was first

Seeing was first. Both in phylogeny and ontogenesis. Man perceives his world, from the beginning, and is equally non-verbal. The verbal expression comes comparatively late. When a baby comes to the world it looks. Probably in the restricted space, but just so far that it can recognize the face of who takes it up and accepts it. Seeing is turning. Then the view widens into the world into which it is thrown.

   Essay #2 Seeing Moves

Only when seeing consciously happens, when it is concentrated and focused, it becomes a recognition and thus a movement. Unconscious seeing. The process of seeing occurs because it is just so, until something comes into the eye, that the effort is worth, the effort first move physically on it.

Essay #3  Seeing Touches

The world is no longer simply a whole that is as it is, but it is fragmented into many small, handy parts. These parts are the overview, the rest is what is overlooked. It does not matter. We need to focus because otherwise we are lost in the whole.

Essay #4 Seeing Isolates

Reality is mediated regularly by our senses. Perception and admission requires a mediator, who translates the outside world into a comprehensible inner world. Transformed. Descartes can bite into his “Cogito ergo sum” …