Issue 5, November 2013

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Brynna Tussey
Western Hegemony in Tourist Art Aesthetics

The term primitive, in this case, applied to all societies that fall under the colonial gaze as …


Anna Rooney
Visual Thinking

We do not need to be taught to think; indeed  this is something that cannot be taught  …

Olof G. Jonsson
Medieval PowerPoint

Medieval church paintings are visible all the time to a large extent due to the light from large church windows and modern electric. …

Book Review


The Mark of Abel by Lydia Panas
Review by Natalya Reznik

The faces did not allow anyone to cross the border and “enter” their territory. It was as if a person was unable to come closer than what the faces allow…

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© Martushka & Anil Sharma

© Martushka & Anil Sharma

Martushka and Anil Sharma

Talking With Anil
(Video Installation)

In Anil’s Sharma culture, relations between a man and a woman are dramatically different … Anil believes in arranged marriages and …

© Marco Fayer from Mariko Portfolio

© Marco Fayer from White Portfolio

Marico Fayer
Portfolios: Mariko and White

In the solitude of my creation I feel free and connected to the natural world …

© Herman Mhire

© Herman Mhire

Herman Mhire


Photographs began as meditations 
upon the forms, colors, and patterns
 of marine mollusk exoskeletons
 found in …