Issue 2: April 2013


Roberto Muffoletto welcomes you to our open, online, and free VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC).

Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language. Join the discussion by commenting on each manuscript and portfolio.

Table of Contents


Alan Shapiro
The Future of the Image (Part Two)
(Part 1 was published in Issue #1)

In Into the Universe of Technical Images, Flusser also makes a very interesting … 

A. D. Coleman
Dinosaur Bones: The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism (Part 1) Part 2 is published in Issue 3

As someone who believes in the social value of the public shaming of miscreants, I find …

Evelien Schilder
Theoretical Underpinnings of Media Literacy from Communication and Learning Theory

Media literacy resides within numerous disciplines such as Gestalt psychology … 


Margaret LeJeune
The Modern Day Diana

Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunt. She was praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty and hunting skills. Her vigor, health, and strength were…

Pierre Dutertre
Deep Forest

Deep Forest is a personal journey of recollection and reflection, manifested by the revisiting of time-altered childhood memories of being lost for several days in …