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Call for Proposals:
The Photographic Book in Digital Times

Entry Deadline: Monday, November 30th 2015 at 11:59 pm

Proposals and questions are directed towards:
Associate Editor Mary Gold at  Mary Gold: [at]

VJIC is inviting proposals which inquire into the myths, challenges, and opportunities of e-publications of photographic works and theories.

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan published “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” a pioneering study on media theory which proclaimed that the medium is the message. According to McLuhan, the medium is divided into two categories – “hot” and “cold.” A “hot medium,” for example, is one that requires all of our attention and leaves little room for participation, such as a book. A “cold medium,” on the other hand, leaves plenty of space for participation – media like television and comic-books.

50 years later we are confronted with a novel experience in the face of contemporary media and technology: the e-book.

It is a hybrid of the book and the digital medium. With e-books we still read, we still become absorbed by the content, but we are no longer excluded from participating; we have the ability to interact with an e-book since, by design, we can zoom in and zoom out of pictures, listen to sound, navigate through non-linear hyperlink-connections, and can even create our own e-books.

The book, as an object, is now being challenged in form and content. It has evolved from a stable medium to a virtual, fluid one. The Internet – the digital – has changed how we access, produce, disseminate, and think about knowledge, storytelling, and art. Just as music and performance have changed from the traveling minstrels to vaudeville, from the stage to the screen; live voice has evolved from LPs, to tape, to CDs, to the Internet. Our story tellers have changed in form and so has the locus of control and production.

VJIC is considering essays, videos and e-publications that inquire into the photographic e-book.  VJIC is interested in perspectives and projects that address existing and emerging technologies.

Proposals may address issues related to the disappearance of the object, new materialities realized through e-publishing, as well as the challenges, history, and possibilities related to the evolution of e-books.  VJIC is interested in manuscripts, examples of e-books, video talks, and downloadables that explicitly address the impact of e-books on aesthetics, forms of production and dissemination, and/or the shifting paradigm of control, bypassing the usual avenues of publication and dissemination.

Accepted proposals will be published in the VASA Journal on Images and Culture. If you accepted you will have the opportunity to show your work and ideas to the over 5.000 international members of VASA/VJIC.

Proposal submission may take the form of one of the following:

  •        100 word proposal detailing the prospective author’s argument
  •        A video describing the author’s position (30 seconds max.; format  mp4)
  •        1 example of a photo/media e-book illustrative of the topic with supportive video   or  text explaining the function and nature of the book

The Proposal-file must include your

  •        Name
  •        Email-address
  •        Phone-number (include Country-Code)
  •        Skype-Address if available

This call is an OPEN call for theorists, artists, historians and designers – a VASA Membership is not required for submission.

Entry Deadline: Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:59 pm

Proposals and questions are directed towards:
Associate Editor Mary Gold at  Mary Gold: [at]

Prof. Dr. Roberto Muffoletto MFA, Ph.D.
Director of VASA and Editor of the VASA Journal on Images and Culture

Mag. Phil. Mary Gold
Associate Editor of the VASA Journal on Images and Cultur

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If you have any requests regarding your submission email Mary Gold: [at]