Issue 6 January 2014

Introduction ….

The VASA VJIC staff  welcomes you to our open, online, and free VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC).

Issue #6 marks our first year of publication. We want to thank all the 6000+ readers, authors, artists, and book reviewers for their interest and support.

Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language. Join the discussion by commenting on each manuscript, review, and portfolio.

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Miha Colner
Traces of Locality: Traditions and Identities of Contemporary Photography in the Former Yugoslavi

In the era of globalization and unification of particular cultural milieus and their artistic discourses, what one could call “international style” of contemporary art …

Damiana Gibbons
Rural Places Meet Media Literacy: Representing Truth and Self in Rural Social Space

In rural places there exists the idea of rural social space, which is an understanding that acknowledges that defining oneself as rural is cultural as   …

Bret Lefler
Visual Culture and Advertising

Whether we are aware of it or not, visual culture is found in every arena of public and private life — It is in our neighborhoods, our places of work, our forms of entertainment, and our schools …

Book Review:

Igor Manko
The End According to Pedan

The beginning of the Soviet “belle époque” was marked with Sergei Eisenstein’s red flag ascending over the rebel Potemkin battleship in the 1925 premiere of the film. Battleship Potemkin was black and white, and the flag was  …


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© Lara Ciarabellini 2014

© Lara Ciarabellini 2014

Lara Ciarbellini

A long sleepwalk through Bosnia and Herzegovina which investigates the web of intertwining layers of the Yugoslav collective memory …

© Loli Kantor 2014

© Loli Kantor 2014

Loli Kantor
Portfolio 1:
There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today

Portfolio 2:

The two bodies of work inform one another to provide a comprehensive view of this cultural, social, political, and historical story  …

© Wim de Schamphelaere

© Wim de Schamphelaere

Wim de Schamphelaere
Exchanging Looks: African Village Portraits

Fascinated by the people, he has worked mainly on the African continent for the last eight years, being focused on the same remote villages …