Issue #8 2015

Introduction …. 2015 issue #8

Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language. Join the discussion by commenting on each manuscript, review, and portfolio.

The VASA VJIC staff welcomes you to our open, online, and free VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC).

Issue #8 marks a change in our publication design. VJIC will publish one issue per year with continuous publication of editorially approved manuscripts, visual dialogs, and book reviews. VJIC will publish thematic issues, visual discourses, and invited papers.

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Content is organized by most recent manuscript and portfolio.

Paula Scamparini

© Paula Scamparini

April 2015

Paula Scamparini
Visual Dialogs:
Serie Palavras and Muchen Series

As the contemporary times indicate the rebuilding of our relations with nature and the world itself, I believe it is of great importance to work within culture from the perspective that any reconstruction requests before some obliteration.

February 2015

Dan Duda and Leah Oats
The Physics of Photography

This is the second in a series of essays on science and  visual arts.

Humans leave traces and artifacts of our consciousness everywhere in our environment. Contradictory realities can be found co-existing wherever we look. They’re in what we choose to think; what we choose to believe ….

February 2015

Theme Issue: Identity Politics
Editor: Rachel Zimmermann

Throughout history artists and academics alike have been significantly concerned with  the relationship between art and issues of identity…

This is the first of three (3) installments.

Leah Oates

© Leah Oates

February 2015

Leah Oats
Visual Dialog: Transitory Space

Transitory spaces have a messy human energy that is perpetually in the present yet continually altering. They are endlessly interesting, alive places where there is a great deal of beauty and