Portfolio by Margaret LeJeune: The Modern Day Diana

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The Modern Day Diana

View Modern Day Diana Portfolio

View Modern Day Diana Portfolio

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Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunt. She was praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty, and hunting skills. Her vigor, health, and strength were admired and her protection was sought for young children and women in childbirth. 

This series explores the modern notions of women hunters and the issues of gender, power, and representation. Each image captures a very personal depiction of the sitter, made evident by the setting. By photographing in each woman’s home or hunting lodge I create a dynamic that questions the relationship between the domestic sphere, traditionally the women’s place, and the hunting world, typically a masculine realm. The attributes of Diana, that of the bow and arrow, hunting dog, stag, and animal pelts, further express this dichotomy. 

The images in this series were captured across the United States with a large-format 4 x 5 camera. The film was scanned and final output was created with lightjet technology. Contact was established with the hunters via “cold calls” to hunting and gun clubs and by word-of-mouth. This work-in-progress series has received numerous accolades. Curator of photographs at the MoMA, Roxana Marcoci, selected this work for a 2010 Curator’s Choice Award at Center, Santa Fe and it won Best In Show at the International Women In Photography Exhibition at the 1212 Gallery.

View Modern Day Diana Portfolio
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About the Artist

Margaret LeJeune is an image-maker from Rochester, NY. Working predominately in photographic based mediums, LeJeune explores issues of constructed gender, sexism, power dynamics, and stereotypes. Her work has been widely exhibited at museums and galleries across the country including The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Newspace Gallery, Workspace Gallery, Morean Arts Center, and the Cander Field Museum. She currently serves as head of the photography program at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. 



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