Portfolios by Pierre Dutertre: Deep Forest and Seascapes

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Deep Forest Chapter I

Deep Forest Chapter II

Deep Forest is a personal journey of recollection and reflection, manifested by the revisiting of time-altered childhood memories of being lost for several days in the European woods. The child of nine did emerge from the forest and survival was at hand, and as a grown man I am now one with the child, seeking the same outcomes while facing imminent loss, fear, and salvation. These images represent a duality of visual memories and a private temporal re-connection, in the midst of an uncertain future. In a spatial and temporal anchoring, Deep Forest is akin to a personal eulogy, the facing of death and the celebration of life, in all of its aspects.

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Of the sea, I only know fear, the treachery of the calm before the storm. To many she calls for adventure and exotic faraway places, but I only see a divine boundary between land, air, and water. Time and space are annihilated, fragile crafts depart on journeys of unknown; I remain on the shore exorcising my fears with the transmutation of images that speak of the gentle intermingling of these essential elements. 

To understand the sea is to carefully approach its shores, aware of the beast that sleeps for now. I respect its horizons, exalting the mirage of men, air, and water. The allure of soft ripples and the shadows of wood pilings invite contemplation and soothing dreams of adventure. My photographs are a private conversation between my flawed psyche and the eternal life-giving power of the primordial sea, my dreams of the journey I will one day undertake, as my ashes will flow to her embrace.

Space is deconstructed, futile details are ignored, shapes are elevated to their rightful position, colors must be dismantled. Form erased, expunged boundaries, precision belittled, reality conquered. With failing eyesight we see the truth, the nature of the thing itself, the parallel universe is no longer, we are within it. The mirage of the sea and its intimate meeting with the land, the caress of the sky, is ready for our careful admiration.

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About the Artist


Award-winning photographer Pierre Dutertre was born in France and educated at prestigious universities in Paris, and after obtaining an advanced degree in nuclear physics and a masters in French literature, he served as a carrier-based combat pilot over central Africa in the 1970s. He went on to become a photojournalist for several years and was engaged with the African continent’s decolonization conflicts from a different perspective. Pierre went on to a successful 35-year career in the commercial and advertising fields of photography in Paris, London, and the United States. His advertising work has won numerous international awards and recognition. In recent years Pierre’s diverse career has taken him in a new direction: fine art photography and education. His photographic art, darkly influenced by his personal experiences in war, has attracted the attention of galleries as well as private and corporate collectors. In addition, Pierre has served as a juror for a number of local and national photography competitions. More recently he has been awarded an MFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, summa cum laude.



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