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Editorial note: Michael Michlmayr’s photographic work was the topic of a manuscript by Dan Duda in the 2014, Isse #7 of VJIC.  His complete portfolio “Time Spaces”  is presented here: Michael Michlmayr Meet Albert Einstein

Time Spaces

© Michael Michlmayr from " Timespaces: Station" 2007

© Michael Michlmayr
from ” Timespaces: Station”

Statement: My environment, the urban space, is the base of my artistic research. I’m collecting
traces or instants of our acting and put them together differently in the way I perceive
it. In “Time Spaces,” space and time are transformed. Sequences of events merging into an entire units. In this way, I create a kind of stage or an illusion of time and space.

Time Spaces: Portfolio


© Michael Michlmayr From the series "View" 2003

© Michael Michlmayr From the series “View” 2003

1965 born in Vienna Austria. Since 2004 he is taking part in the team of the Fotogalerie Wien | Bourseries for London, Paris and Rome | lives as a freelance photographer in Vienna.

Recent exhibitions include:
2014 “How Long is Now” group show cur. by Petra Noll, Haus d. Fotografie, Burghausen, Germany
2014 “The RED 2” mail art project, cur. by G. Schmidt, Galerie L. Hämmerle, Bregenz, Austria
2014 “Fünfundzwanzig/Twentyfive” group show at FLUSS, Wolkersdorf, Austria
2013 “How Long is Now” group show curated by Petra Noll, Fotoraum Vienna
2013 “On the Road” NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst, St. Pölten, Austria
2013 “MAYDAYS part 3” Screening, Fridayexit, Vienna
2013 “The RED” mail art project exhibition, curated by Gue Schmidt, MAG3, Vienna
2012 “Me, Myself and Them” group show curated by Brigitte Konyen, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna
2012 “The Austrian Season” group show curated by Martin Breindl, Studio Marangoni, Firenze, Italy
2012 “Fotofever Brussels” Photography & Video Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2012 “Different Dimension” 4th International Festival of Contemp. Photography, Novosibirsk, Russia
2011 “Anniversary Exhibition” 30 Years of Fotogalerie Wien, group show, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna
2011 “Leaving Traces” curated by A. Dworak und W. Berger, Bezirksmuseum Meidling, Vienna
2011 “Frozen Time” group show, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna

Michael Michlmayr

© Michael Michlmayr

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