Submission Schedule and Deadlines


© Roberto Muffoletto
with permission

This page provides the perspective author with proposal and manuscript/book review deadlines.

A general guide for authors is that proposal deadlines are 4 months before the publication of an VJIC issue.  All manuscripts scheduled for a particular issue must be completed one month before the issue goes public.  This includes all text, videos, and other media, as well as any copyright permission letters.

VJIC Associate Editors will accept proposals at any time, but publication sequence is noted below.

Publication schedule for 2013

Issue #4: theme issue
Proposals due June 1
Completed manuscripts September 1, 2013
Publication: September 25,  2013

Issue #5
Proposals before August 1, 2013
Completed manuscripts October 1, 2013
Publication: November 25, 2013

Publication schedule for 2014

Issue #6
Proposals before October 1, 2013
Completed manuscripts December 1, 2013
Publication: January 25, 2014

Issue #7
Proposals before November 1, 2013
Completed manuscripts February 1, 2013
Publication: March 25, 2014