Only Women Can Do That – The feminine element in photography: Roxanne Darling Interview with Sabine Kutt

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Sabine Kutt: Introduction to Thread

Visit exhibition: Roxanne Darling “Reveal”

I’ve known Roxanne Darling for only about one year. A photography friend of mine referred me to Roxanne’s art, and it immediately drew my attention. I began intensively

© Roxanne Darling

studying her artistic work, and was particularly interested in her abstract photographs, her intentional camera movement images, also called ICM.

I called Roxanne to ask if she would be willing to do an interview with an accompanying exhibition in my series “Only women can do that – the female gaze in photography”. She happily agreed, although at the time she didn’t have enough material for a bigger showing.

We agreed to work together, and in a short timeframe, Roxanne became extremely productive, producing an unbelievably large number of abstract photos. It is a superb body of work and I am proud to be able to present the images and the interview of this very well-educated and talented woman who has a message.

Interview Recorded March 2022

Artist Statement: Roxanne Darling

As an older woman and emerging artist, I am curious about the energy between self-expression and exhibitionism, between acting and resting, between body perfect and body positive. I love deep thinking and expressing my ideas across a variety of mediums and projects.

I’m a lifelong student of consciousness who has explored several career paths. In my abstract ICM photos I’m not just looking for a fuzzy image, rather, I am looking for a composition and a statement that express both the dynamic and receptive energy of the subject. I am especially in search of depth, as the idea is to go beyond the surface, beyond the superficial or familiar understanding to something more intimate and complex. It is a conversation between my camera and the subject, inviting it to reveal aspects not typically seen by the normal human viewer.

About Roxanne Darling

I was exposed to photography as a young child, modeling for my father whose amateur photos of our family at the beach in South Carolina were used locally in Kodak advertisements when color television was launched in the ‘50s. I learned photography and darkroom skills in college as a marine biologist: documenting my underwater research sites while working at a remote lab in the Virgin Islands and working with the famed underwater photographers, Ron and Valerie Taylor. I picked up the camera again while living in Hawaii, developing my Intentional Camera Movement images as a spiritual conversation with the plants and flowers. In 2017, during a two-month camping trip, I created a nude self-portrait project, again inspired by the calls of nature. I’ve studied at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; have been fortunate to have work juried into numerous shows; received awards including at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Roxanne Darling Website

Visit exhibition: Roxanne Darling “Reveal”

© Roxanne Darling

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