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No Man’s Land

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© Mishka Henner

© Mishka Henner

In No Man’s Land, Mishka Henner explores the outskirts of Southern European towns and cities using Google Street View – an online tool enabling users to see places around the world through 360-degree, street-level imagery captured by specially adapted camera cars.

Henner combines this geographically-tagged visual archive with information sourced from Internet forums used by men discussing the locations of sex workers.

The prints, video animation and print-on-demand books that make up No Man’s Land result in an unsettling reflection on surveillance, voyeurism and the contemporary landscape.


About Mishka Henner:

In 2013, Mishka Henner was awarded the ICP Infinity Award for Art and shortlisted for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. He lives and works in Manchester, England. For more information, visit Mishka Henner‘s website

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