Photography and the Holocaust: Then and Now

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Theme editor: Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch, theme editor,  is a photo-base artist, curator, educator, historian. Hirsch’s work has been exhibited in over 200 international solo and group shows plus he has curated innumerable exhibitions.

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September 2021

Thread #1

Origins of the Holocaust and Photography’s Role in its Interpretation

This thread assesses how photographs are an element in a larger systemic universe, deriving from multiple personal and community economic/political/psychological/social and technical perspectives…

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November 2021

Thread #2

Nazi Photographic Perspectives

This thread examines the perspective of a few select Nazi photographers and those in their service who made personal and official documents of what they saw happening around the ghettos and concentration camps

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February 2022

Thread #3

 Jewish Photographic Perspectives Part 1

This essay explores two Jewish photographers, Roman Vishniac and Mendel Grossman, who made pictures of Jewish and resistance life and death leading up to and during the Holocaust.

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April 2022

Thread #4

 Jewish Photographic Perspectives Part 2

This essay explores the photographic work of Faye Schulman, Francisco Boix, and the Sonderkommando whose photographs speak to resistance to the Holocaust.