Only Women Can Do That

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Theme editor:  Sabine Kutt

Sabine is an art curator and photographer, ballet master and choreographer, She was born in the university town of Jena located in the former East Germany. She received her art education at the renowned Palucca School for Modern Dance and Classical Ballet in Dresden and at the University of Leipzig.

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September 2021

The feminine element in photography
This thread provides an introduction to  issues related to a women’s gaze as manifested through photography.  Four female artists who transformed their special female worlds and views into photographs lead us to a knowledge and understandings; expanding our personal horizons of perception.

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November 2021

Interview: Linda Troller

In my self-portraits I call on a private, subjective sensation to gather personal associations in an atmospheric and emotional style …

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January 2022

Interview: Meryl McMaster

The idea of In-Between Worlds struck me as an opportunity to express my bi-cultural heritage, Plains Cree/British and Dutch, not as a struggle but rather as a strategic way of thinking of how they connect.

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March 2022

Interview: Roxanne Darling

An interview and exhibition on the artistic work of Roxanne Darling with particular interested in her abstract photographs and intentional camera movement images called ICM.

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May 2022

Interview: Bella Logachova

Bella combines traditional Ukrainian embroidery with her own imagery. The natural, joyful elements of the embroidery stand in sharp contrast to the images she has inserted. You don’t see them at first glance because her works are laid out almost like search images.