Daniela Noitz: The image, the text and the author

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Thematic Thread:
The image, the text and the author

Daniela Noitz

Daniela Noitz is an author living in Vienna, Austria.



Essay #1 Seeing was first

Seeing was first. Both in phylogeny and ontogenesis. Man perceives his world, from the beginning, and is equally non-verbal. The verbal expression comes comparatively late. When a baby comes to the world it looks. Probably in the restricted space, but just so far that it can recognize the face of who takes it up and accepts it. Seeing is turning. Then the view widens into the world into which it is thrown.

   Essay #2 Seeing Moves

Only when seeing consciously happens, when it is concentrated and focused, it becomes a recognition and thus a movement. Unconscious seeing. The process of seeing occurs because it is just so, until something comes into the eye, that the effort is worth, the effort first move physically on it.